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Jessica McIntyre, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
1554 S Sepulveda Blvd 212
Los AngelesCA 90025
 (310) 477-5188
I'm here to help clear away the noise and debris that are interfering with all that is good about you and your life.Psychotherapy | Hypnotherapy | Couples Therapy | Neuro-linguistic Program (NLP) | Career counseling | Reiki(310) 477-5188
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Couples Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Having a relationship is difficult. It involves a lot of hard work, unquestionable devotion, unconditional love and—of course—going through challenging periods. Life is unpredictable, and many things you thought would never happen somehow find a way to enter your life. What makes a relationship last is a strong will and determination to deal with those situations. It helps you to grow and evolve, increase intimacy and results in feeling even stronger and more powerful. However, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you have just entered it.

Have you lost your way?

Have you drifted apart?

Was there a moment that made you feel estranged?

I'll help you say "no" to frustration, anger, and confusion, and be able to face your problems and seek the proper guidance for your unique situation.

With psychotherapy, you’ll be able to find the truth. When you’re unable to communicate with your partner, you need a medium—a tool if you will—that will help you read between the lines, and not just hear, but listen to what your partner has to say. My role here would be to assist you when it comes to transferring that message you want your partner to receive, just without all those things you have fogged it with. It’s only natural for you to put up walls and allow your defense mechanism to do its thing, but that is not what you truly want, is it? When you’re confused and you don’t even know how to start tearing those walls down, I will be there to help both of you find a zone of comfort and understanding.

Contact me at (310) 477-5188 today to schedule an appointment. I am eagerly waiting to help you get your life back and live your dreams.

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